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Working on changing over to modern D20

  • On character creation:*
    Their are many classes in the world of Rifts, in my mind, it would be best if the players picked a class that can do many things and specialize in a part of that class whether it be medic, sharpshooter or pilot. I see classes such as Glitterboy not rounded enough to survive my world. On that note, the players will not always be in a vehicle / mech nor will they always be in foot in the wilderness or a town. I do not care how much you paid for your new toy, I will probably blow it up at some point and if you don’t have the survival sense to bail out of it you will probably go up in flames too

Again I want the players to have fun though, so pick something you really like and if we have a group of just Juicers I will build a couple of NPC’s like Saint to keep you alive. Also as with my other games I have miniatures I would like to use as well as some props to give all the players a better idea during combat of what is going on.

Changes to character creation:: when you build your character you will not need to worry about gear, bionics or money. We will be role playing through the first encounter and up to a point where I declare you are level two, at that point you will have a regular set of starting gear to rely on as well as during the role playing portion I will have you using your skills, making checks and getting a good feel how everything works except for combat, which I have a planned encounter for so that we may work through how combat works as well as try to make sure you know all your combat options. What I really want is when you do character creation create a back story that tells me how you came into the town of Rose and what your future plans are, this will include things like I have this idea for bionics I want, type of weapons I use and type of skills I will rely on.

If you are interested, please just send me a message using this page and we can actually meet somewhere, talk about my ideas and see if you want to join. I would like to have a minimum of two players but would prefer 3 – 4.

  • On factions:
    As the world split apart many people came together into factions and will be damned if you or anyone else tells them what to do. But just because they all belong to one group, doesn’t mean they all believe the same things or have the same gear. For example, the famous / infamous Coalition States or CS for short, each group you run into will be as varied in equipment as it is in ideology. Don’t even get me started on Seattle, every block will be a different gang / corporation vying for control over pre-war tech. The players themselves will be creating their own faction and set the world in the image they want.

This is also going to change how religion is, because as most pre-war tech is deemed extremely valuable finding a complete copy of any religious text would be too costly for any normal person. Thus religion has evolved into a mish-mash of pop culture, fairy tales and many religions blending together, think Obi Wan Jesus and the five holy pillars of Sasquatch.

  • On the setting:
    This is no joke, you are going to be in the Wyoming territory for awhile doing all those things your character likes to do. See the map for what is to come: Map As a further expanded idea of the nearby setting, the East and West Coast have retained more technology then the rest of the North American Continent with Canada being a mixed bag of pockets of civilization versus wastelands of nothingness. The central belt of the US has seen much devastation as the trade winds have dropped radioactive fallout, storms and the occasional rift onto the cities that once laid in those areas, transforming them into uninhabitable zones often infested with critters that like that type of landscape.
    -* For those of you that know the Palladium Rifts
    world some of the themes I have in mind fit into these ideas and some things I have changed to my liking. For example Rifts will now ebb and flow as the tides do, when the weather changes, so will the locations of the rifts which in turn can explain much of the destruction and strange dimensional beings you will encounter throughout the campaign.-

Why Palladium Rifts? It is the only system so far that I have found has every aspect I am looking for, giant mechs? check. Magic? Check? Lots of firearms? Check, check and double check! Weird bizarre trans-dimensional beings and the possibility of traversing into other worlds? Oh yeah!-

HOWEVER, as many know the world of Rifts has it’s problems, many some qwerks in the rules means that psionics vs the saving throw for psionics are unbalanced and I will not allow you to play a psionic character and to be fair will not throw psionic enemies at you, also depending on what you are using or trying to do standard combat is way too frustrating and breaks down into rule playing rather then role playing. One of the biggest problems I find, is that many of the books you cannot use with each other, typically because firearms damage in one book is too weak / powerful or enemies / mechs are too weak / powerful. Because of so many authors in the Rifts world books, things are very inconsistent, leaving me to decide what to use and what not to use. A great example of this is the Vampire Nation South America books, even the author of the original Rifts core rulebook states he should of reigned in those books more because how a simple small pistol does as much damage as some small mechs.

Light mech thing by flyingdebris

On that note, there are some things I feel that are missing from the Rifts World such as small unmanned drones, mention of wireless internet network and some other modern day technology that did not exist when the game was created (Rifts was created in 1990) and I believe belongs in the future and thus will belong in my world. As those things come up in game we can deal with them

The books I have in hardback are the core rulebook, Game master guide, Triax and the NGR, Robotech, The Rifter # 1, Rifts Conversion book, Rifts Source book # 1, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as other books I have downloaded

  • Have I scared you away yet?

As with my other campaigns, this is focused on the players having fun, not forcing you abandon your life, mandatory gaming schedule garbage or any of that. Let’s role some dice, role play and have some fun.

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